How Blog Networks Can Help In Lead Generation and Help You Save Thousands of Dollars by – Steve Arun

Getting to the top of a search engine listing is the dream of all business owners. To realize this dream some takes route of SEO, while other goes towards PPC. Both have their merits and use in the grand scheme of things, but the latter is a very expensive way to claim a ranking towards the top of a search engine result page (SERP) and this is also not the way to get a long-term listing in search engine.
SEO is the only solution which can offer a long-term listing in SERP. Not only that, if you adopt a proper strategy, you can even save thousands of dollars that you will otherwise invest in buying sponsored listing. In this article, I am going to discuss about one such strategy in this mail, which we frequently use to save thousands of dollars for my clients. The strategy I am going to talk about is creation of blog networks.

Benefits of creating blog networks

Dominate multiple keywords

When I say blog networks, I mean keyword-rich blog networks, every node of which will be optimized for one keyword, so that it can dominate search engines for its primary keyword. We also supply secondary keywords to each keyword-optimized blog network.
By making one keyword-focused blog node, we conquer the very keyword and dominate the search engine. We create many such nodes and then connect each node with some of the other nodes in the network, all of which then lead to the main page.

Cut down on PPC budget

Through one node we take an absolute control of one keyword eliminating the need for creating a PPC campaign for that keyword thus saving, at least, some cents for the client. And once we create multiple nodes of the network that dominates the keywords they are optimized for, we start saving dollars for our clients.
Let’s do some math. Suppose you have to pay $0.10 for each user that is being sent to you from one keyword, and you have placed a bid for 20 such keywords. So for every visitor from each keyword you will pay $0.10. It means 20 visitors will cost you $2, and 200 visitors (10 each from each keyword) will cost you $20, and so on. And we are not yet talking about half of them clicking away the moment they enter because they realize, after clicking the sponsored ad, that they are on the wrong page.
Even at this rate, the traffic and listing you are getting is not consistent. The moment you will pull off your ads, people will stop coming to your website, but by investing in blog networks, you will get traffic throughout the year, and you will not have to spend even a single more buck, no matter how many people are coming to your website.

Generate leads

Sales is the ultimate goal of any business activity, SEO and blog networks should also contribute to that, and they do it by helping you generate leads, which is the best thing that can happen to a business next to sales.
A blog networks in which all the nodes are optimized for different keywords can also help you generate qualified leads. To achieve this goal, all one need to do is add a lead capture form on each of the nodes. For many clients, we have executed this strategy. Let’s say, from one node we capture 4-5 leads then without any extra investment, we can capture 50 leads from 10 blogs and 100 leads from 20 blogs.


Unlike a PPC ad, which can accomplish only one goal at one time, or maximum of two, it is evident from the above that establishing a blog network has multiple benefits. It can easily save you hundreds, if not thousands, of dollars.

By – Steve Arun

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