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Reaching out to someone you have not spoken with in a long time might be easier if you use email. There are many reasons why people lose touch. The reasons why people drift often dictate how they reconnect in the future if they reconnect at all. Those that have simply slipped away because life got busy may not mind picking up the phone to call someone with whom they have not spoken in a while. However, when you have lost touch due to argument or other circumstances, it might be hard to call. When that happens, email may be a better choice, at least at first.

If you know someone’s email address, you can just shoot of a message and wait to see if they respond. This can be hard because an email address may not be something that someone uses any longer. You won’t know if they are ignoring you, or if you sent something to the wrong person. Someone who does not know you may not bother to reply to tell you that you have the wrong person.

Take an old email address to what would be called a reverse email address lookup. There you can enter the email address to see if you can find a name to go with it. That can better tell you if you have the right one or the right person. You can also see if you can search by name through a forward search. You put in the name to see if a matching email address comes up so that you can reach someone that way.

Once you have the right email, the only thing you can do is email them to see if they respond. If you left on good terms, they may respond as soon as they get something from you. Just remember some do not check email each day so it may take them a bit to get your message. If you left on bad terms, they may not wish to respond. It is better to know that through email than by calling and having them hang up on you.

If you have to know if someone has gotten your email address, try to use an email service that has a return receipt. This is something that works just like registered mail through the post office. When they open the email, you will get an email confirming that it was opened. You may not be able to do this with your email, but if you can, it helps to know if you felt it was important that your message was received.

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